Spray foam insulation for roofs

Don’t just save up to 50% on heating costs! Good roof insulation has multiple effects. In winter, professional insulation ensures a comfortable room climate, in summer it prevents rooms from overheating. But the greatest benefit of roof insulation is undoubtedly improved energy efficiency. In winter, up to 40% of heat can escape through roof structures if they are not properly insulated. And since heat always rises, roof insulation is key when it comes to insulation.
With HONTER spray foam, you get extremely professional insulation without excessive effort. With its high adhesion and its homogeneous, 100% seamless monolithic layer forms, the foam forms continuous insulation without joints. Even in places that are hard-to-reach, because the foam gets in every little cavity due to its expansion.
Because of the excellent price-performance ratio, roof insulation with HONTER spray foam pays for itself after a relatively short time. The quality of our spray foam insulation has proven itself thousands of times, over 35 years. Use our high-quality products and benefit from our spray foam expertise.

HONTER spray foam insulation for roofs

  • Quick insulation application - up to 250 m² per day with two people
  • Enables a high daily application rate of up to 250 m²
  • Minimal load on the building structure - no mechanical fastening to the building required
  • Prevents the formation of thermal bridges even in places that are hard to reach
  • Robust material with excellent durability


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For the insulation of flat roofs with HONTER polyurethane foam, we recommend our EXY FLEX moisture protection. This system can also be used for repairs and new roofing of older roofs.

Foam insulation for steep roofs

Since the greatest heat loss generally occurs in buildings with pitched and steep roofs, high-quality insulation is particularly advisable here. We recommend EXY spray foam insulation for efficient insulation. Depending on the environment and the structure of the building, you can choose either a closed-cell or an open-cell foam – with the right properties with regard to water vapour and moisture.

Intermediate rafter insulation

Intermediate rafter insulation is the classic form of roof insulation. Here, too, Honter spray foams are ideal for insulation, since the foams can not only be applied practically in the spaces in-between, but also get to places that are hard to reach and prevent thermal bridges.

The thickness of the insulation can be individually adjusted by applying several layers. And thanks to the joint-free and shock-free insulating layer, the polyurethane spray foam insulation impresses with top insulation ratings.

Notes on roof insulation

The HONTER roof foam insulation is suitable for both new and existing roofs. Before spraying, the surface must be thoroughly prepared and cleaned. The spray foam layer is between 2.5 and 5 cm thick. The foam expands by up to 30 times in size within seconds. The surface can be walked on after a few minutes.

EXY FLEX silicone roof coating must be applied at the end.

Insulates reliably and lasts for over 50 years

The foam roof insulation is extremely low-maintenance. In contrast to other systems, which sometimes have to be replaced after 10 to 15 years, the roof foam insulation lasts for at least 50 years – with consistently effective insulation properties.



EXY 09: Tried and tested! Effective and very breathable due to its open-cell structure.
EXY 34 HFO: One of the most effective insulation materials available on the market. The new generation EXY 34 HFO.
Coatings: The best protection against weather influences: Use our high-quality coatings to protect the surface and construction.


Whether a new construction project or retrospective insulation – we would be happy to advise you!

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